Viklang Seva Bharati is a social welfare organization that works for all-round development of the disabled; it is registered under the Societies Registration Act, under rules 1860. It is also approved by the Government of Madhya Pradesh.  Viklang Seva Bharti is there for mental disabilities, hearing impairment, bone disruption and children develop cerebral palsy due to being separated from the mainstream of society and feel frustrated for their parents and themselves. It’s a concern for every citizen of the country. The organisation architect Mrs. Ruma Banerjee was in touch with some families who were the victims of natural disability, with absorption of their suffering and for their development in 1985 Mrs. Ruma Banerjee come into contact with organisation “Seva in Action” in Bangalore Karnataka, with her motivation foundation of “Viklang Seva Bharti” was laid by Ku. Mallika Bannerjee and Ku. Amita Bijpuria in  14 Jan 1991. The foundation became a giant banyan tree today; it is working for benefit of those disabled who feel helpless through its branches in many cities and rural areas.
In the last 20 years so far organisation have done, educational rehabilitation of 135 students, vocational rehabilitation of 55 students and integrated education in the medical rehabilitation of 200 students and   133 children have been trained in various sports.  2 Students were received international position while representing the organisation.

25 Years of Glorious Journey of Viklang Seva Bharti